Contractual Audit.
We realize according to the need for contractual audits such as the assistance with the acquisition operations (Transaction services), targeted acquisition audits, fusion operations, assistance in financial reorganization and dealing with difficulties of companies..
Accompaniment and Coaching
UNEXIA aims at accompanying the company and its Human capital in the implementation of organizational and behavioral changes which impact the performance.
Vocational Training.
For the needs for our customers, we organize training courses, seminars, conferences in various fields for the executives in the accounting departments, financial, legal and tax, IT and internal audit. The challenge is to contribute to the development of Human Resources..
Assistance Accountant-Monitoring.
In the case of small or medium enterprises, our firm sets up accounting systems, ensures in a regular period not only of the regularity of the accounts but also of the good functioning of the accounting department, assists in the preparation of the financial....
Invistment Project.
Our multi-field potential is available in order to ensure the realization of the investment projects under the best conditions. We make a strategic and financial feasibility study, analyze the financial economic aspects of the projects in order to benefit the best from the advantages granted by the Investments Code, the organizations of financing: DBEI, the IMF, the World Bank, BIRD, SFI, BNDE, PROPARCO and others, and let us intervene in the search for national partners or foreigners in collaboration with our associates abroad by the means of our global area network.

Our team

UNEXIA has a competitive advantage of size compared to its competitors, in what it counts among its teams of the profiles of high level point of competence, being able to practically bring their specific expert testimonies in all the fields.

The manpower of the grouping to which company UNEXIA belongs counts in Morocco:

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